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Everyday STEM - A Children's Engineering Professional Development Series

Everyday STEM is a series of professional development units. These units bring you rock-solid methodologies based on classroom experience for integrating STEM into your classroom every day! This is not a set of lessons with a box of "stuff." Everyday STEM is a professional development program that integrates STEM into all aspects of classroom learning. STEM concepts and principles are inherent in everyday life – Everyday STEM helps teachers bring them to light!

Unlike programs that require large investments of classroom time (not to mention $$$), Everyday STEM teaches teachers how to leverage what they already do every day to apply STEM concepts. It is this application of STEM that connects with students – tying everyday things to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. And when those connections are made every day, students become acclimated to thinking about the world in a STEM context.

Everyday STEM – let it help you make STEM connections every day!

Children's Engineering: A Handbook for Elementary Educators (2nd Edition)

Written by elementary teachers, this guide helps you include basic engineering concepts in the elementary classroom, at the same time clarifying the difference between science and technology. Children's Engineering: A Handbook for Elementary Educators describes the benefits of teaching engineering, suggests how to implement engineering for younger students, and details the design process. It includes detailed teacher procedures, reproducible student pages, and national standards addressed.

Children's Engineering: A Handbook for Elementary Educators

Children's Engineering: Technology DESIGN LOOP POSTER

A great compliment to the Children’s Engineering books above, this laminated poster brings the five-step Technology Design Loop used in both books into full view for your students.

This design loop was used as the basis for all of the activities and guided portfolios in Virginia's state guide Children's Engineering: A Teacher Resource Guide for Design and Technology in Grades K-5. The same design loop appears in Peter Sellwood's Schools Planet Publications Let's Make It Work.

Elementary Design Loop
Intermediate/Upper Elementary Design Loop

Children's Engineering: Beyond the Basics

A follow-up to Children’s Engineering: A Handbook for Elementary Educators, this guide helps elementary educators recognize the technology already in their curriculum and introduces Standards for Technological Literacy (ITEEA 2000/2002/2007) including K-5 Benchmarks. Plus, it includes 12 ready-to-use activities that can tie in across the curriculum .

Beyond the Basics

Everyday STEM - Teacher Resources (posters, card sorts, etc.)

STEM Card Sorts

Science or Technology?

Structures Card Sort - Science or Technology?

Classifying Structures - Venn Diagram Sort

Natural or Manufactured?

Is it a Tool?

Whose Tool is It?

Simple Machines - Venn Diagram Sort

STEM Posters

Science or Technology?

Structures Poster Set

Technology Design Loop Poster

Intermediate Engineering Design Loop Poster

Design Loop Bulletin Board Set

Tools & Rules Safety Posters

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