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Free Ready to Use Classroom Activities from
This page contains free downloadable PDF files of design and technology projects for teachers to use in their classrooms.

Children's Engineering, A Teacher Resource Guide for Design and Technology in Grades K-5
This link leads to Virginia's resource guide which includes 24 ready-to-use activities, four at each grade level. Members of CEE were lead writers on the project.


Children’s Engineering:
A Handbook for Elementary Educators

Available from PITSCO Education

What are Educators Saying About this Book?

Children's Engineering:  A Handbook for Elementary Educators is a concise, easy to follow guide for understanding and implementing children's engineering in the classroom. Background and instruction is given from beginning to end on how to incorporate engineering activities into your daily curriculum. This handbook is a must for beginning engineering teachers desiring to expose students to the design process or for the seasoned teacher needing a quick refresher or idea.”

Debbie Popp
Second Grade Teacher
W. W. Gordon Elementary School
Chesterfield County Public Schools, Virginia


Updated October 2010

TEACH Engineering Resources for K-12
"Engineers have a hand in designing, creating or modifying nearly everything we touch, wear, eat, see and hear. Introducing engineering into the K-12 classroom connects science and math concepts to the everyday engineering that surrounds us. This teacher resource, TeachEngineering.org, helps teachers enhance learning, excite students and stimulate interest in science and math through the use of hands-on engineering."


STEM Education






nnovation Station Elementary Listserv
Your Gateway to Children's Engineering

Join ITEA's newest learning community - elementary educators interested in bringing out every student's creative ability to design, build, tinker, and construct. Innovation Station is for teachers who want to get their students actively involved in learning. It's a teacher's resource for answers, ideas, and teaching techniques that work! This is free to anyone who is passionate about teaching.


Help make Innovation Station the "Go To" place to share ideas with other elementary teachers. Post your activities and ask for help from other teachers!

Why Students Should Study Technology

The Children's Council of ITEEA developed this presentation based on the suggestions of teachers primarily on the Innovation Station Listserv. It is intended for use by elementary school teachers and administrators to garner support for and explain the importance of integrating technology into the curriculum. It provides an explanation of what technology is, what technology education is, its benefits to student learning, and how it is integrated.                                                                                             Download PowerPoint
This PowerPoint can be used to help you explain children's engineering to administrators and parents.

Datafile -


This site contains a bank of photo-copiable resource sheets for primary D&T. They were originally produced for Cambridge University Press as part of the STEP 5-16 scheme of work.

They show the relevant skills, techniques, and ideas to make designing and making easy for both staff and pupils. Open the page and click on subtitles that interest you. The site has been updated and is easier to navigate.

This site contains pictorial resources!


Great Starting - Great Places to Build Your Background!

Discover Engineering

Try Engineering
"TryEngineering.org is a resource for students (ages 8-18), their parents, their teachers and their school counselors. This is a portal about engineering and engineering careers, and we hope it will help young people understand better what engineering means, and how an engineering career can be made part of their future." • Includes lesson plans and "engineering games that allow a first hand try at the problem solving skills engineers employ every day!"

Engineer Your Life
Engineer Your Life (EYL) is a national messaging campaign designed to reposition engineering as an exciting, rewarding career choice for young women. Anchored by an award-winning multimedia website, EYL features 10 great reasons to become an engineer, streaming video of inspiring women engineers, descriptions of dream engineering jobs, and advice for parents, counselors, and engineers on how to talk to young women about this career.

National Engineers Week, February 20-26, 2011

Discover E / K-12 engineers share a common desire: to help grade school and high school students discover the exciting worlds of engineering and technology. Their goal is to relate practical applications of math, science, and engineering to the world around them.

Discover Engineering Through Reading

A Sightseer's Guide to Engineering
"Do you realize that nearly everything around you that makes your life easier and more fun, nearly everything that makes our economy go, had been created by an engineer? So when you take a trip – either around your neck of the woods or around the country – you’ll find countless sights that help tell the engineering story. The sights listed here are certainly not the only ones, but they’re a sampling of activities, creative marvels, and thrills that will help you get started. Take a look: Engineers turn ideas into reality!"

Technology is Elementary
Build background with Q&A about technological literacy. Find ready to use Integrated Technology Lessons based on K-8 Ohio Academic Standards.

Engineer Girl
"Engineers Achieve Great Things! If people have built it, grown it, moved it, or launched it into space, you can be sure that engineering had something to do with it. Throughout history, people have developed tools and machines to help them survive, prosper, and celebrate. Engineers have built temples, created live-saving technologies, and devised ways to communicate almost instantly with people on the other side of the world. "

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Children's Engineering

The T & E in STEM


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Museums - Some of the Leaders in Children's Engineering

DuPage Children's Museum
Kids Design Network  http://www.dupagechildrensmuseum.org/kdn/

National Building Museum
The Museum uses the design process as an educational model. Learning by doing is central to design education.
Schools & Educators

IEEE Global History Network
"The IEEE Virtual Museum is designed for students ages 10-18, educators, and the general public to enhance their understanding of the principles of electrical and information sciences and technologies within a historical context. It explores the global social impact of technology and demonstrates the relevance of engineering and engineers to society. By integrating the collective expertise of the IEEE, resources from traditional museums, and interactive virtual techniques, the IEEE Virtual Museum transcends the traditional museum experience."

Museum of Science Boston
For Educators
Virtual Exhibits
Engineering is Elementary
"The Engineering is Elementary (EiE) project aims to foster engineering and technological literacy among children. EiE is creating a research-based, standards-based, and classroom-tested curriculum that integrates engineering and technology concepts and skills with elementary science topics. EiE lessons not only promote K-12 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning, but also connect with literacy and social studies."



Children's Engineering

The T & E in STEM


Professional Organizations and Journals

Virginia's Children's Engineering Council an Affiliate of VTEA

Virginia's Children's Engineering Convention an Affiliate of VTEA

Virginia's The Children's Engineering Journal sponsored by VTEA

Children's Council of ITEEA an Affiliate of ITEEA

Children's Technology & Engineering Journal sponsored by ITEEA

ITEEA - International Technology and Engineering Educators Association

VTEA - Virginia's Technology Education Association

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James Madison University Course Resources
This is the gateway to links provide to help teachers build background in selected topics covered in the JMU Children's Engineering course. You will find links to selected sites about structures, mechanisms, electricity, pop-ups and more.

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Vendors: Educational Materials for D&T Education

Engineering is Elementary

Children's Engineering

The T & E in STEM



Children’s Engineering:
A Handbook for Elementary Educators

Available from PITSCO Education


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